The Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

Here’s my five top benefits that you’ll get from using WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the most commonly used website creation tools on the internet and for good reason. These benefits will help to sell even the most skeptical of you.

WordPress is also easy to work with from a web development standpoint, which is an area of expertise for me. So when you’re finished up here, I’d be happy to help you develop your website into a functional and engaging asset for connecting to customers.

1. WordPress is Free

WordPress is my favourite website creating platform of all time and for a lot of reasons. One reason is that it is free to use. If you’re looking to make a website but don’t have an unlimited cash flow (a very common reality for people), then WordPress is a good idea for getting a site built at no cost.

You will have to pay for the domain name and server hosting services, but the WordPress software itself is free to use. It’s good for making a website with minimal expenses.

2. WordPress works optimally with SEO

Search engine optimisation is something I run into time and time again during my development services, and it’s because it’s a vital component of your success.

You need to use the right keywords to make sure that you connect with the audience you’re searching for, and this can be a challenge to accomplish without SEO. Thankfully, WordPress supports SEO, and it’s easy to implement.

3. WordPress is Secure & Safe

Internet security is something which I can’t stress enough when it comes to building your website. If a hacker or cybercriminal gets into your website through a backdoor or weak point, your whole site is at risk for everyone.

Thankfully, WordPress is a safe platform to use. It supports multiple anti-virus options and allows you to install whatever security methods you want to keep yourself safe.

4. WordPress Has Functionality

Functionality is a big thing when it comes to WordPress. You’ll want to be able to customise your website with the latest themes and plugins to make sure it reflects who you are. You can also style the website in any which way you like with unlimited possibilities accessible to you.

What I like about WordPress is that it has so many different themes/plugins to pick from. It’s very easy to customise a site to get the kind of experience you need. It means I can offer more in terms of web development, which I like too.

5. WordPress Keeps Growing

The last thing I love about WordPress is that it keeps growing and progressing. As a website, it has a constant evolution because there are so many users.

This means that there’s always going to be new features, themes, customisation options, and most importantly, support available. It means that WordPress will constantly evolve, so it can continue to be relevant. A website creation tool that stays up-to-date is one which will improve and grow. I welcome security updates and growth in any content creation software, because it keeps you and your audience safe.

Fundamentally WordPress is just a great platform to use with the abundance of options available to budgets of all kinds, with the ecosystem growing substantially year on year, there has never been a better time than now to start your new project using this great CMS!

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